Rules for Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

Accessorizing has become a trend lately with jewelry for women generating USD 14.5 billion in retail sales across the United States. Not only do they define the occasion, but accessories have an equal significance to your wedding dress as it creates an ensemble that expresses your personality.

Sure, your wedding dress may be the highlight of the ceremony, but the right Bridal Jewelry will help accentuate your look and add a personal touch. However, choosing between bridal jewelry, veils, and other accessories can be challenging without some expert guidance.

Outlined below are simple yet effective rules for accessorizing your wedding dress. Read these tips thoroughly so you can find the appropriate accessory at Perfect Details.

  • Match Metals With Your Gown

Match Metals With Your Gown
Ensure that the hue of the metal will complement the style and color of your dress. White dresses generally work with platinum, pearl, or silver jewelry.

Avoid brighter hues like green or gold, as it may clash with brighter white shades. You can use gold accessories on ivory dresses because it does an incredible job in accentuating your overall appearance.

Meanwhile, rose gold, pearls, and silver will look splendid on off-whites. If the dress is already packed with beadwork, choose your bridal jewelry with an identical shade like them.

Also, check the structure and neckline of the gown. You can pair choker and short necklaces on dresses with strapless and sweetheart necklines.

On the other hand, V-neck wedding gowns are perfect for layering chokers. Combining it with small and dangling earrings work magnificently, as well.

  • Decide On a Hairstyle

Picking the right hairstyle will make it easier for you to shop for bridal jewelry. Opting for earrings will bring more definition to your face if you are rocking an updo.

For wavy hair, get dangling earrings to ensure that the accessory is visible. The hairstyle is also essential when you decide to wear a veil. Your veil not only has to match with the gown, but it also needs to suit your face.

Stick with simple veils if your dress has a lot of detail. This ensures that your cover will not steal the spotlight and make you look gorgeous down the aisle.

Petite brides rocking an up-cut should opt for floor-length and longer waltz veils to elongate your frame. If undecided, check for short styles like bandeau or birdcage, which not only work for all shapes and sizes but also bring in a vintage vibe to your gown.

  • Choose Comfortable Accessories

Choose Comfortable Accessories
Always pick accessories that match your style and preferences. While accessories are an essential commodity, it is not necessary to go all-in on them because all they are meant to do is accentuate your bridal gown.

Use necklaces with simple designs and avoid big earrings or massive tiaras. Belts are also to be avoided as it may ruin your look. However, if you decide to have one, place it in the waistline of the gown, so it does not look awkward.

While it is a special day, do not go too far from your usual style. If you rarely wear jewelry, there is no need to go overboard, stick to simpler designs for your wedding day. Find a piece that suits you at Perfect Details today.