Select the Right Business Style and Shine With Professionalism

Professional, smart and good looking. Have you ever asked yourself; What do you signal with your clothes in the workplace? When you stop for a moment to think about upgrading your work wardrobe, you should always start by looking around your workplace. What corporate culture prevails? What style does your company prefer? And most importantly, what do you want to convey in your professional role?

There is nothing wrong with applying your style to your business outlook, but always do it with a dose of finesse. Especially if you have a job with dress code, many foreign visits or customer contact. Remember that you can easily create a nice overall impression if you just have well-fitted shoes, a nice bag, and few but simple accessories.

Dress Code or Not?

Dress Code or Not
If you work at a company with a dress code, it is important to follow it. If it is a dress suit that applies, you will want to bet on three sets of jacket, skirt, and trousers, so that you can easily vary. And dare to choose a different suit color than black. Navy blue, pigeon blue, gray, mole gray or dark burgundy are colors that give both a stylish and professional impression.

The bag, of course, plays a major role. Kenneth Cole leather briefcase can be just an ideal choice but whatever model that your choice remember that it needs to glance with sophistication and no unnecessary details. Also, If you do not need to wear a suit at work, choose tight-fitting jeans, stylish cardigans or jackets and matching tops. If it’s cold you can always have a comfortable poncho over you.

My advice is to have at least ten blouses or tops in the wardrobe that you use at work. Also have a handful of odd jackets, which you can easily throw over if you have an important meeting.

The Importance of Appropriate Accessories

The Importance of Appropriate Accessories
The importance of the right accessories cant is denied. Shoes with heels are preferred, and especially on those days when you wear a dress or skirt. Jewelry, manicured nails, and a shawl are details that can spice up the job style and put personal touches on a dress code.

Also here is another good advice to follow along the way: Choose clothes that fit well on your body and what you like. It does not matter if you are getting ready for the Christmas work party in Leicester or just another Monday with an important meeting. The idea is that you need to feel well while wearing them and not to blindly follow the prestigious trends.

Often you will find a brand whose cuts work well on you and you will probably faithfully stick with them in the future.

Right Patterns and Pleated Skirts

Right Patterns and Pleated Skirts
Another way to make an outfit more interesting, while maintaining the balance between professionalism and personality, is to look for suit pants and jackets with designs. By keeping the colors neutral, in black and gray, but choosing garments with stripes or grid patterns, the clothes become suitable for the office, while being able to stand out a bit from the crowd.

Some pieces ideally fit in the office, and such is the pleated skirt. As the skirts are usually in a propper material and knee-length or longer, they are perfectly suitable for the most office codes but are at the same time more interesting than the classic pen dresses.

Another advantage is that a pleated skirt is airier and more comfortable to wear, which makes it a perfect fit during the summer months when it can get hot and stuffy in the office. The only thing you might have to think about is choosing neutral colors, even in this case.

In Conclusion:

In Conclusion
Finding the right pieces to enhance your office outlook can be tricky. The idea is to always start by thinking of the clothes that automatically go as “formal” and try to combine the right colors with the right occasion.

In the end, it all depends on the companies policies and dress code but if you have a certain space to experiment and express your individuality with style and grace here are some additional tips to help you along the way:

  1. Corporate culture. Get to know your workplace and any dress codes that apply. Are you traveling abroad? Do you meet customers? What role do you have? It plays into how you dress.
  2. Dare color. Think beyond all-black. If you want to buy a suit you can try navy blue, mole gray or dark burgundy.
  3. Whole and clean. The overall impression is often in the small details. Well-manicured nails, washed hair, nice shoes, and a nice bag do a lot. And don’t forget to pop up the back of the jacket!
  4. Heels. Always wear heels for dress and skirt outlook. There are many just perfect models that you can choose.
  5. Toilet bag. Always carry a small toilet bag with small necessities in your work bag. Whether you end up in a spontaneous after work or in an important meeting. Rouge, lipstick, foundation, perfume, toothpicks, abrasive patches, dry shampoo, and brush are the things you always need to bring with you.