Skateboard and Streetwear Culture: The History of Thrasher Clothing

The Thrasher brand started as a publication “Thrasher magazine” in 1981 by Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson. Since then, it has come a long way. Initially, the objective of the magazine was to promote skateboard trucks under the “Independent Truck Company.” These trucks are metal parts that attach to the deck and connect the wheels and bearings of a skateboard.

Who knew that the “Thrasher” side marketing stint would become the most influential skateboard brand and magazine today?

The company is also famous for its clothing brand. If you want to buy thrasher clothing, here are some facts on its history and why it is so popular today.

The Thrasher Magazine

The Thrasher Magazine
According to Merriam Webster, the term “thrasher” means a dominating defeat of an opponent. It embodies the feeling when you outperform your opponents.

It even became synonymous with “an avid skater” defined in the same dictionary. That goes to show the impact of Thrasher magazine in skateboard culture. Thrasher has been an icon for skateboarding. And it has a good reason for it.

“The Bible” for Skaters

The credit goes to late Jake Phelps for building the Thrasher brand. It depicted the world of skating unconventionally. Instead of showing who is the best of the best with the technical skills, the magazine conveyed a rebellious and unapologetic tone to their editorials with emphasis on hard work.

One of which is “Hall of Meat,” who showed outtakes injuring themselves while performing tricks. Skateboarding takes a lot of practice to master. Thrasher shows the hours of work and the scars of those skateboarding icons we look up to today.

That is why in the annual “Skater of the Year,” it is not about who can do the best technical tricks. It is for those who have worked harder than everyone else to showcase unique legendary skills in places where no one had done them. No shortcuts.

Rise to Skating Popularity

Rise to Skating Popularity
Thrasher grew alongside the Californian punk and hardcore culture during 1981. It is more apparent in the design of the brand logo with the flaming “thrasher” words. It also limited the merchandise to a few designs, which became timeless pieces.

Thrasher marketed it to resonate with the angsty and defiant youth, which exemplified its coolness.

Thrasher in Streetwear

Skateboarding also became popular streetwear. Most will argue that it began when influential streetwear giant “Supreme” released their video “Cherry,” which highlighted the skateboard culture to the world.

Soon celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rihanna followed. They have been spotted wearing Thrasher merchandise on multiple occasions, which promoted the brand to their fanbase.

It trickled down to the influencers of Instagram, models, fashion bloggers, and the list goes on.

Some may say that it had expanded from the community it symbolizes. But at the very least, people are willing to learn more about what it truly represents.

At present, Thrasher still embodies skateboard iconography. Whether you are a professional skater, a beginner, or someone who wants to be in style, you are free to wear and enjoy your Thrasher clothing.