Tips in Looking for the Best New Jersey Wedding Venue

Weddings in New Jersey are a booming business already. The state is expected to host roughly around 47,751 weddings this year at an average cost of USD 37,124, which is a tad higher than the national average of USD 33,391.

A large part of the increase in wedding costs can be attributed to the full range of beautiful New Jersey wedding venues. Popular website Yelp said that the city has more than 40 wedding venues that are considered “top-notch.”

The ratings for New Jersey wedding venues were based on several factors that include location, physical structure, cost, and amenities. Outlined in this article are essential tips to consider when looking for a wedding venue in New Jersey to make the most out of your big day.

Examine the Lighting and Design of the Venue

Examine the Lighting and Design of the Venue

Lighting can make or break the mood of the space. Ensure that the light can be controlled for various events like entrances, dancing, and dinner.

An excellent way to find wedding venues in New Jersey is to create a list. Consider your theme and examine the design and lighting capabilities of each place to sort out the venue.

Getting a venue that will offer great views like the New Jersey skyline, crashing waves, or rolling mountains will also help enhance the experience of visitors. Assuring proper color palette will also prevent the decor from clashing with your vision.

Go for venues that offer customization options so that you can add your personal touch to the wedding and make it more memorable.

Make Sure the Room is Large

Make Sure the Room is Large

Ensure that the room is big enough to accommodate the number of people on the guest list. Look beyond the physical structure of the building and consider locations with a free site to cater to the growing number of visitors.

The site may sometimes look enormous when it is empty. However, wedding essentials like chairs, tables, bar, dance floor, DJ setup, and bands may fill it quickly.

See to it that the venue can fit more than a hundred guests. On average, a New Jersey wedding is attended by at least 135 guests.

Find venues with logical places where guests can eat, drink, dance, and mingle. Try to envision where each activity would happen when you are standing in the space.

Separating the sections accordingly if the room is too small and strategically placing the columns and other obstructions in the room may help in ensuring the continuous flow of the party as well.

When to Get Married in New Jersey?

Couples can get married in New Jersey at any time. While June has been the most popular month for weddings in some states, September to early November is now the new June in New Jersey.

Milder weather is seen as the primary reason contributing to the increasing popularity of weddings during these months. For discounted weddings, January through March is a great option thanks to a wide range of promos offered by wedding venues.

The spirit of the entire wedding is set when you fix the wedding venue. Make sure that the place will set the right mood by checking your options.