Top 5 Methods Successful Realtors Use To Improve Their Open Houses

Generating quality leads is crucial in real estate. While there are several ways of getting potential customers interested in your listings, open houses still remain one of the best ways of getting your name and listings in front of your prospects.

Thanks to developing trends in marketing technology, promoting an open house is easier than before. With a great strategy and a few clicks, realtors can today market their listings and generate strong leads they can convert to sales. 

So, how can you improve your open house? Here are a few tips for you.

1. Use Real Estate Open House Postcards

Postcards are one of the best ways of marketing your brand in a targeted area. Apart from promoting your name or brand using postcards, you should also use real estate open house postcards to create awareness of an upcoming open house.

With postcards, you will be marketing the open house to an audience who is already familiar with your brand and the neighborhood.

2. Promote the Open House on Social Media

Having an active real estate social media account is crucial in today’s real estate marketing. When hosting an open house, you should make good use of your social media pages and publish posts with details about the open house on your branded social media profiles.

Post captivating, exciting, and informative ads that will appeal to your audience and also encourage social shares. Post stories that showcase the house giving people good reasons to attend the open house.

3. Stage the House

The open house should be welcoming and presentable. You can change the lightbulbs and consider repainting walls with a neutral color. 

If the house is currently occupied, ask the seller to put away all personal items including keepsakes and family photos. A less cluttered and well-lit house is more inviting and allows prospects to visualize how they can personalize the space. Consider hiring a staging expert to help you reorganize the space.

4. Livestream the Open House

Social media channels like Facebook and YouTube allow live streaming, which can be a great marketing platform for your open house. Live streaming increases the popularity of the house because prospective clients from other areas will have the chance to view or attend the open house online and ask questions.

Try to stream the event as other buyers are also viewing it, to show that several other people are interested in the property. This way, you will increase the reputation of your brand and build social proof.


5. Use Tech to Gather Information

Ditch the traditional paper sign-in sheet and embrace technology with an open house sign-in app. An app will help people sign in faster, allow you to collect attendee information accurately, and also have a backup of the data gathered. You will not have to worry about trying to decipher messy handwriting. However, do not forget to have a paper sign-in sheet with you in case of any technical issues. 

The Final Word

Hosting an open house can be fun and successful. With these and more open house tips, you will reach your target quickly, increase exposure and also sell your listing fast. Remember, your goal is to generate quality leads and build more relationships with new clients. Therefore, it is important to give your best and collect as much data as possible from the open house.