Traditional Wedding Anniversary Colours: A Guide

Wedding anniversaries are always a joyous occasion, as you celebrate another year of togetherness, and tradition has given us a benchmark for anniversaries by using specific colours. Here is a brief rundown of anniversary colours to help you gain a better understanding.

The First Ten Years

The First Ten Years
The first ten years are divided into colours, which are as follows:

  1. The First Anniversary – Gold or Yellow
  2. The Second Anniversary – Linen White or Red
  3. The Third Anniversary – Jade Green or White
  4. The Fourth Anniversary – Blue or Green
  5. The Fifth Anniversary – Blue or Turquoise
  6. The Sixth Anniversary – Purple or White
  7. The Seventh Anniversary – Onyx or Yellow
  8. The Eighth Anniversary – Bronze or Tanzanite
  9. The Ninth Anniversary – Green, Purple or Terracotta
  10. The Tenth Anniversary – Silver or Blue

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Eleven to Twenty Years

The second decade is very special, as you now both know each other so well, and the colours are:

11. Turquoise or Yellow
12. Jade, Opal or Oyster White
13. Citrine or White
14. Opal or Ivory
15. Ruby Red
16. Red or Silver
17. Yellow
18. Blue
19. Bronze
20. Emerald Green or White

Of course, the 20th anniversary is a major milestone for any relationship, and some green diamonds would make for a great gift. Perhaps some earrings, or maybe a bracelet, which she would always treasure, and with the online jeweller, you can find the perfect anniversary gift at an affordable price.

The Twenty Fifth Anniversary

This holds a special meaning, and being together for a quarter of a century is indeed a cause for celebration. Silver is the colour, and sterling silver jewellery inset with small diamonds makes for a great gift. If you would like to view an extensive catalogue of elegant diamond anniversary gifts, look no further than your online jeweller, and with lower that retail prices, you save some money.
The Twenty Fifth Anniversary

The Thirtieth Anniversary

Green is the colour for the 30th anniversary, and with a range of green diamond jewellery pieces available from the online jeweller, you can select a suitable gift that she will forever treasure. It might be a great idea to host a party, then the whole family gets to celebrate 30 years of unity.

The Fortieth Anniversary

A ruby red affair, your 40th anniversary is a cause to call the family together, with a party, or perhaps dinner at an exclusive restaurant, and she can wear that gorgeous gift you gave her as a way of saying thank you for 40 years.

The Magical 50th Anniversary

It couldn’t be any other colour than gold to celebrate half a century of togetherness, and you absolutely must have a party.
The Magical 50th Anniversary
Whatever the occasion, the online jeweller has the perfect gift, and as you progress in your relationship, you can buy her a special colour-coordinated gift every year.