Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas

A Valentine’s Day meal is a great way to show your affection. There’s a lot of room for atmosphere and customization. For example, a heart shaped pizza hits the spot just right if you’re on a budget or if your sweetie is no-frills.

Above all, keep the atmosphere in mind. The food itself does not matter quite as much as the mood and the setting.

The Merits of Pizza

The Merits of Pizza
Pizza is a versatile Valentine’s Day food for several reasons. To wit:

  • The pizza experience is highly customizable. Go casual, go fancy or aim for somewhere in between.
  • It’s fun to order a heart-shaped pizza.
  • Pizza is hot and delicious!
  • It pleases all age groups (children, teens, adults, senior citizens, etc.).
  • It meets a variety of budgetary levels.
  • You can feed one person, two people or large groups.
  • You can eat at home or dine out.
  • Pizza can be paired with a variety of sides and wines for a super customized experience.
  • You can use a picnic blanket, candles, rose petals and other items to establish a romantic atmosphere.

One way to get started, especially if you’re on a budget, is to search online for the cheapest pizza specials. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, you’re likely to find some terrific deals. Keep an eye out for heart-shaped pizzas. They are cheesy (pun intended), but that’s the point. Make your sweetie smile.

If you order out instead of going to a restaurant, opt for a place that tracks your pizza. The best pizza tracker is one that enables you to monitor your order from start to finish. That way, you get to stay on top of your Valentine’s Day plans.

Advice for Preparing Your Meal

Advice for Preparing Your Meal
Prepping a Valentine’s Day meal can be a good experience. A few pieces of advice, though:

  • Avoid cooking a recipe for the first time in case you get something wrong or people get sick.
  • Save time by purchasing sides, desserts and other parts of the meal instead of cooking them.
  • Prepare the meal ahead of time, if possible, so cleanup is out of the way by the time you eat.

If both you and your sweetie enjoy cooking, preparing your Valentine’s Day meal together can be a sweet bonding experience. Do keep the meal fairly simple unless one of you or both have a decent amount of culinary experience. Valentine’s Day is not the time to stress about cooking, dishes and cleanup. Don’t create unnecessary stress and hassle during a time that is supposed to be loving.

Strive for Atmospheric Touches

Strive for Atmospheric Touches
Food is a small part of the Valentine’s Day meal puzzle. Atmospheric touches are a big part of what makes the meal memorable. If it’s just the two of you (or even if kids are present), candles, petals, wine, a picnic basket, a blanket on the ground and wine go a long way. Have an indoor picnic or build an indoor fort. Eat on the roof, and take in the stars. Focus on the atmosphere, and don’t stress too much about the food.