Wedding Photography Locations in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is one of the most exquisite locations in the United States. This desert town is nestled among a geological paradise with stone formations of various colors jutting upwards. About 1.8 million acres of forest land also covers the area.

Its scenery has captivated even the eyes of several filmmakers. And with a diverse landscape so colorful and mesmerizing, this can also be the most romantic and perfect location for a wedding photo shoot.

Your wedding day is an exciting and unforgettable occasion of your life. If you plan on making happy memories last forever, work with the best wedding photographer Sedona to capture each moment.

Getting Around the Area

Getting Around the Area
There’s no denying that Sedona, Arizona offers so many amazing spots for the perfect photo backdrop. The problem lies in reaching these places, most of which are accessible only through unpaved roads.

The best way to get around the area is by renting a jeep or a shuttle. Once you get there, you can hike through the trails set in the area.

Before you choose a location, make sure that you check the route to the area to see if you need to rent a four-wheel or hike a challenging trail.

5 Best Places to Shoot Your Wedding Photo

A wedding picture should capture the moment of pure love and happiness between the couple. While the couple is the main subject, an excellent backdrop will do wonders for the wedding picture.
Best Places to Shoot Your Wedding Photo
Here are some of the best locations for a wedding photoshoot in Sedona.

  1. Cathedral Rock – Cathedral Rock is among the most popular go-to destinations in town. An experienced wedding photographer Sedona has used this countless times for wedding shoots. The Cathedral Rock itself is a great backdrop. However, there are also other sceneries that you can shoot while hiking the trail.
  2. Red Rock State Park – If you aren’t keen on driving through an unpaved road, the Red Rock State Park is easy to get to. The park is just southwest of the town. There are several hiking trails in the park that you can trek. You’ll come across a lot of excellent views and spots for your wedding shoot.
  3. Lover’s Knoll – The Lover’s Knoll is another location that is easy to get to. Like its name, the view from this location is beautiful and romantic, especially during sunset. The area also overlooks Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte, Schnebly Hill, Twin Buttes, and Lee Mountain.
  4. Oak Creek Canyon – Oak Creek Canyon is just between Sedona and Flagstaff. The drive to the area is scenic enough for a shoot. You’ll see the towering walls of red canyon, a lush forest, and the creek. There are some viewpoints so you can get out of the car and take a photograph.
  5. Courthouse Vista – The Courthouse Vista is a parking area and trailhead for Bell Rock, and Courthouse Vista. If you don’t want to trek a challenging trail, the Courthouse Vista provides an excellent spot for beginners. This location shows a fantastic view of Bell Rock from faraway.

Work with a local wedding photographer Sedona to find the best spots in the area. There are several great locations in Sedona for a wedding photoshoot, but you can only pick one for your special day. The choice is all up to you.