What Co-Living Spaces Can Offer To College Students

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You might have seen many advertisements for short term rentals near a new job that you were considering, or near a college you wanted to attend. Nowadays, there is a new generation of students who are getting used to locating furnished rooms for rent with en-suite bathrooms and spacious well-equipped communal areas. Today, millennials who are travelling for college are in search of better accommodation and a better living experience. Research indicates that there are more than 5 million people living in co-living spaces across various big cities. Students know how important it is to find the right accommodation while they are studying, and parents are equally concerned about their child’s safety and well-being.


Why should you let your child choose co-living?

1. The first reason is that co-living is much cheaper than living in dorm rooms. You can assist your college going child to make the right decision by doing research with him/her first. Staying on campus property may sound convenient but it may not always be the ideal solution. Living in a co-living space means that you can choose an upmarket or budget friendly space, depending on what you prefer. Co-living on the other hand, allows students access to many great amenities which are obviously not offered by colleges and you are not charged any extra fees for this. Co-living is especially a hit with millennials as studies have shown that most millennials will spend 45 minutes in the kitchen and lounge but approximately 9-10 hours in their rooms. Most other rentals are charging their tenants about 60% of the fee for a nice kitchen and lounge area and about 40% of the cost for the bedroom.

2. One of the main advantages is value for money. You want to get the most out of what you spend, and everyone knows that campus living areas are small and claustrophobic. The student may even have to share a space with another student, and this may be entirely out of their control as the rates are quite low and the small rooms are made for sharing. Co-living on the other hand, offers larger spaces at much lower rates. They are much like your own home and offer the student everything that they would have at home. They receive access to the television, home cleaning services, maintenance and internet at no additional cost. Each person living in the home contributes to the rental, therefore each person pays less and gets much more value for their money.

3. Co-living offers a great opportunity for students to live in the heart of the town. Students can experience the city and have some down time. They don’t have to stay locked in their rooms the whole day. On-site campus living doesn’t have much to offer students on the weekends or during their down times. Students don’t have to constantly be surrounded by other students and lecturers but get the opportunity to experience living and being part of a community. This allows them the opportunity to take a break from campus life and the stress of college and have time to interact with other people living in the same community as they are. This also gives them an opportunity to meet new people.

4. One thing that all parents want for their kids is a sense of independence. This is good preparation for their life after campus. It gives your adolescent the chance be mature and prepares them to take on responsibilities that they would otherwise only have after they have completed studying. They will learn to budget themselves because food is not provided and each person living in the apartment/house is responsible for their own meals.

5. Dorms are governed by rules, while co-living may have little to no rules. Students are not answerable to anyone except you, as their parent. However, living in this manner gives one the feeling to naturally just do the right thing and be responsible.

6. If you aren’t happy at any time, you may leave. You are not tied to a contract or lease. This means that the student can try co-living first to see if it is suitable for them and then extend their stay if they want.

7. Most co-living spaces are technologically advanced and offer many high-speed services like fast internet. Some of them even offer high end security systems that offer students a safer, simpler way of living. Some even have access cards while others may have face detection services ensuring that the student is always safe.

8. It allows the student to decide whether they would like to relocate to this area once they are qualified, as they will be getting a real feel for the place and how everything runs in the city.

9. One of the most exciting things about co-living is that it lets students meet new people. This is often the start of long-lasting friendships and even relationships. They will get a chance to connect with people, who are not on campus with them. When they are home, they can truly relax and unwind without just bonding over campus stuff, they will have other things in common with these new friends.

10. Students will get to benefit from amenities they may not be able to afford on their own such as the gymnasiums, pool, extra classes like yoga and Zumba and many more.

Why is co-living great for the student

Why is co-living great for the student

As a young adult, the student is finding their feet, and co-living is a great way for them to experience a little freedom and independence. Co-living will prepare them for life after they leave the confines of campus and teach them the skills they need to thrive in the big world. This will make the transition much simpler and bearable as most young people are unable to cope with the pressures of everyday life once they have finished their college degrees.