What to Do With Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day

When a girl is looking forward with anticipation to her wedding day, she is likely to wonder what to do with her engagement ring during this special day, and while there are no set rules about this, there are a few things to consider.

Exchanging Rings During the Ceremony

Many romantic couples prefer to exchange wedding rings during the ceremony. If you usually wear your engagement ring on the wedding finger of your left hand, it might be better to wear it on the other hand, just for a day. After that, you can wear the engagement and wedding ring on the same finger, especially if they are matching rings. With the engagement ring worn first, everyone will know which ring is which.
Exchanging Rings During the Ceremon

Matching Rings

In the event you have matching engagement and wedding rings, the best time to show them as a pair is during the wedding ceremony. That way, you can leave your engagement ring on the third finger of your left hand. During the ceremony, the remaining ring can be added, making for a lovely pair of matching rings. If you have yet to announce your engagement, there are handmade engagement rings in Sydney that can be perfectly matched with the wedding ring. Many couples think ahead, and prior to the engagement, they consult with an established custom jeweller, who can design matching rings for both occasions. There’s something very special about custom-made engagement and wedding rings. Every girl would feel very special, as they are wearing a truly unique combination that was specially designed for their relationship.

Discuss with your Partner

In order to avoid any surprises, you could discuss this with your partner, and whether you prefer to put your engagement ring on your right hand, or leave it on the wedding ring finger, there are no hard and fast rules regarding this. If you are worried that the wedding ring will be upstaged by the stunning diamond engagement ring, then you could leave the engagement ring in your jewellery box until it is time to leave for the honeymoon.
Discuss with your Partner

Diamond Grading

Prior to looking at engagement or wedding rings, it does make sense to do a little research on how diamonds are graded, and with that in mind, there is a brief explanation of the 4Cs, which can be found on the Gemological Institute of America’s website and will help you understand the grading system. The 4 Cs are; 1) Clarity, 2) Cut, 3) Colour and 4) Carat (weight). Every stone should have a certificate that contains all the information about that particular stone, and when you are ready to purchase, the online jeweller has stones to suit every budget.

It is likely that your partner will be agreeable to whatever you decide, and reaching an agreement will allow you to focus on other, more important aspects of the wedding arrangements.