What You Should be Looking for in a Wedding Photographer

The big day has finally arrived and you’re about to stand up and declare your love and devotion to your significant other. Surrounded by friends and family, this is a moment you never want to forget. You need a good wedding photographer.

A good wedding photographer will capture all these special moments and more without being too invasive. But they don’t come cheap – wedding photographers can cost anything between $1000-$8000. This means it’s so important to choose the best one you can.

But how do you know when you’ve found the right wedding photographer? There are a few tips that will help you out, and these are a few ways to do it.

Have You Checked Their Reviews?

photographer in action
When you’re checking out a potential wedding photographer, one of the first steps is to check out their reviews.

Reviews from previous clients will tell you a lot about how good they are and what you can expect from them. You can find out what other couples think of their work and assess whether they’re right for you.

There are a lot of different sites where you can read wedding photographer reviews and they can help put your mind at ease.

Have You Seen Their Portfolio?

You can learn a lot about the quality of a wedding photographer by looking at their portfolio. Not only can you see what their style is like, but you can also tell how much experience they have.

A good photographer will have an online portfolio and be happy to send you some previous shots if you ask them. They might have some amazing work, but it might not be the style you’re looking for.

It can teach you a lot about their work style and give you an idea of what you can expect if they shoot your wedding too.

How Experienced Are They?

How Experienced Are They
Another important thing to consider is how experienced your photographer is. You want someone with a lot of experience behind them who knows how to do good wedding photography.

You might find a talented photographer without much experience, but it’s not ideal. An experienced wedding photographer will know how to shoot many different scenes.

The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars only to be disappointed by the photographs. Experienced photographers will know how to shoot discreetly and in the most challenging situations (i.e. rainy weather).

Do You Get Along With Them?

The job of your wedding photographer is to capture some of the most tender and precious moments of your life. This means it’s so important that you mesh well together.

The last thing you want is to not get along well with your photographer. When you talk to them, they should get excited by your ideas and offer their own ideas to help get the best results.

They could have the best portfolio, but if you find them irritating or don’t get along well, you won’t be pleased with the results. They will follow you and your spouse around for most of the day, so you need to feel comfortable with them around you.

What Equipment Do They Use?

What Equipment Do They Use
No matter what niche they work in, a professional photographer should be using professional equipment. Their equipment serves as the tools to do their job to the highest quality possible – so it should be high quality.

If you find a photographer using low-grade, cheap equipment, think twice about hiring them. Not only should they have the right equipment, but they need to know how to use it. If they don’t have the experience to use their own gear properly, you shouldn’t hire them.

They should bring much more than just a camera with them. They should bring a backup camera, batteries, lenses, flashes and more in their camera bag. This means they won’t be stuck if their main camera fails and they can get back to work at a moment’s notice.

Are They Familiar With the Venue?

It’s by no means a dealbreaker, but you should find out if your potential wedding photographer is familiar with the wedding venue. They might have even been recommended by the people who run the venue, which is a great sign.

If they know the venue well and have shot there before, they know where the best spots are. They know where to take the best shots and where to stand to get the best and most discreet photos during the ceremony.

It’s a definite bonus, but don’t let a photographer without the experience of the venue be a dealbreaker.

What Packages Do They Offer?

What Packages Do They Offer
Most professional wedding photographers will offer different packages to their clients. These are often based on a set amount of hours they will work for, editing and delivery of photographs.

One of the first things you should discuss with your prospective wedding photographer is your budget. Ask them what you can get from them that fits with your budget and work something out that suits you both.

Remember that your wedding photos will be with you long after the day is over, so they’re very important. This means you might want to re-think some of your spendings if possible if it means getting the best photographs possible.

These Tips Will Help You Find the Best Wedding Photographer

A good wedding photographer knows that your wedding day is the most important day of your life and will work hard to get you the best photos.

When they deliver those photos, you’ll be pleased you found the right photographer and have the photos to last a lifetime.

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