Why Do Athletes Wear Compression Arm Sleeves?

From basketball to soccer and baseball to tennis, we can see compression arm sleeves everywhere. We’ve observed well-known athletes, including LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and other famous sports people wearing these arm sleeves on the court and other fields. All of this makes us curious, and we may have asked what arm sleeves are for? What are the benefits it provides? Do they work?

What is Compression Arm Sleeves?

Compression arm sleeves are a type of compression gear made of elastic material. Arm sleeves are structured to bind your muscles as they improve the circulation of your blood. These devices are more than just a fashion trend and are actively worn by everybody, whether they’re pro athletes, experienced marathon runners, or regular fitness enthusiasts.

Here are some benefits of compression arm sleeves:

1. Compression

Many athletes wear compression sleeves on their arms to help ease inflammation caused by long runs. The swelling is caused by muscle motions and tears that trigger an inflammatory reaction, so it brings excess fluid to the arms. ⠀

Compression arm sleeves are also used as rehabilitation aids. After tedious physical activities, wear a pair of compression arm sleeves. These arm sleeves improve blood circulation and help eliminate lactic acid, which builds up into your muscles while you’re active. It speeds up the time to heal strains while reducing muscle pain.

2. Sun protection

Physically active people spend a substantial part of training outdoors, especially for runners. Many people are out when the weather is getting nicer throughout the spring and summer. Training outside is also an excellent way to go through exhausting sessions because of a change in the environment rather than everyday gym equipment. It keeps your mind active.

However, while there are many advantages of practicing outdoors, it exposes you to harmful UVA and UVB rays that increase the risk of skin cancer. It is advisable to apply sunscreen when spending time outdoors, but several athletes consider the oily feel of sunscreen undesirable. A pair of compression sleeves with a high UPF level is a great alternative.

Whether you’re a recreational runner or a seasoned professional, sun protection provided by compression sleeves is among the main reasons to have a pair in your sports bag.

3. Versatility

How often do you run once it gets a little cold outside and winds up about 3 miles regretting the extra layers that you put on? It happens to everyone. Yes, you can take off the long-sleeved tee, but you still have to carry it with you for the rest of the run. That leaves you with two options, be sweaty or struggle with the hassle of a shirt wrapped around your waist.
It’s where the appeal of the compression sleeves come in. When you have a pair, you will finish your plays comfortably warm, then slip them off your arms to your wrists when you feel good enough. You can take them off easily without disrupting your sessions. It can be conveniently folded into your running belt once you’re heading out, feeling no extra weight to bring. It functions well if you’re running through some forest areas which are significantly cooler than open stretches of your track.

It doesn’t matter what level of fitness enthusiast you are now. You’ll be thankful to yourself time again for a pair of compression arm sleeves.