Why You Should Try a Moleskine Notebook

For an expertly made, simplistically designed notebook that’s going to see you through any number of notes, plans, drawings and thoughts, there’s nothing better than a Moleskine. This brand stands out from the rest for so many reasons, from luxurious finish to classic aesthetic, the Moleskine really is a timeless modern staple. If you’re ready to ditch the laptop or your phone to sit down and get old school with your noting and organising, look no further than a Moleskine. Taking time out of your day to connect with your thoughts and lifestyle is an amazing and thoughtful way to streamline your life, so take the steps towards an organised and calm life today! If you’re interested in finding yourself the perfect Moleskine, read on for a complete guide to finding the right fit for you:

Why Moleskine?

Moleskines come in a range of sizes that are going to work for anyone and everyone. The offering runs from the pocket, a tiny 9 by 14cm to Extra Large, which spans 19 by 25cm, so whether you need a transportable functional pad or a luxurious, large book, you’ll be able to find it. The options are up-ed even more by the choice of ruled, blank, grid and dot designs to suit any type of notetaking. The variety and personalisation available are what makes these notebooks so widely used and loved.
Double spread open blank pages in a journal
Moleskines are amazingly variable in size and function, but you also have a serious range of options when it comes to picking a style that’s right for you! You’ll find that the brand organises their many, many designs in a few different sections to make the decision easier. Moleskine Cahiers are paired back, organic-looking, Moleskine Classics are your go-to traditional style books, the Professional range features sumptuous jewel tones and their Limited-Edition range is basically a creative free for all.

What’s the right Moleskine for me?

In order to trace down the exact right Moleskine for you, you need to take a few moments to decide what you need your notebook for, and where it’s going to live.

For your notebook’s function, you need to consider your lifestyle. Are you looking for a creative, graphic outlet that’s going to be your expressive outlet? Then you should absolutely look for something that’s either dotted or blank, in a larger size. Look for a model that’s Large or Extra Large, to really accommodate your creations.
What’s the right Moleskine for me
Maybe you’re less creative and a little more corporate? If this is the case, then you should look for something that travels easily, is ruled and has a hardcover. A hardcover means that your notes will be a little bit more protected for those moments when you’re taking notes at a meeting, in the taxi or on the commute home.

Sometimes, you’re not looking for a notebook that’s allocated to a specific function in your day-to-day. A good quality book can carry you through a whole range of functions, and a Moleskine really is the perfect brand to turn to when you’re not quite sure about its use. Pick up a gridded model and separate your different areas by coloured pen, this system means that you’ll have room for contacts, journaling, social appointments, food entries and exercise plans! Grids are a great option as they let you write, draw and use numbers in a clean and simple fashion.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect size, style and function, you can get buying! Hop online or head into store to view an amazing variety of Moleskine notebooks that are sure to kick start your path to true efficiency and organisation.