You Officially Have Permission to Splurge On Quality Sunglasses

Every woman in the world knows that most outfits are never complete without a pair of stylish sunglasses. This powerful accessory is so magical that it can make you look like a million dollars, even in the simplest of outfits. Even men are gradually adopting this proven hack!

Celebrity or not, people can also swear by how useful these accessories can get when out in public. Wearing one can simply hide imperfections away, such as dark or swollen under-eyes or the horrors of a no-makeup look.

But did you know that there’s more to sunglasses than making you look perfect? Splurging on a few quality pairs can actually save you from a lot of eye and skin health conditions in the future.

In fact, throwing in some shades–no pun intended–can actually be beneficial for you! We’ve got the best reasons why it’s okay, and necessary, to invest in the best pairs of sunglasses in the market. Here are proven health benefits that will convince you to get a pair or two during your next shopping spree.

1. It’s for your skincare

The skin around the eyes is five times thinner than the rest of your face. That’s why dermatologists would often advise anyone from rubbing their eyes especially if under-eye pigmentations and other skin problems are present in the area.

As much as it’s harmful to the eyes, the sun is particularly harmful on the skin too. Though sunblock does wonders, it may not be enough for a highly-delicate skin layer like the one around your eyes. This is why sunglasses must act as double protection to keep this part of the skin free from the harsh radiation. Protecting the skin around the eyes will also keep eye wrinkles at bay.
It’s for your skincare
Wraparound sunglasses do the best job for this purpose. You may find a lot of great and stylish pairs at your trusted online sunglasses shop.

2. It effectively blocks harmful UV rays

With the fast-paced fashion industry, a lot has been forgetting the main reason why sunglasses are necessary. Sunglasses are made to protect the eyes from the harmful sun’s UV rays.

Did you know that you need more than just sunblock to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from unwanted pigmentation and sunburn? The skin around your eyes is more prone to breaking down because it is five times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face. Because of its delicate composition, it requires more protection from sun-related damage.

UV rays, you should know, is not visible to the eye. It is actually a kind of radiation that comes in different levels of wavelengths: UVC, UVB and UVA. To be able to have your eyes protected from this, wearing sunglasses that blocks 100% UV radiation is recommended.

Too much UV exposure can affect your eyes and might bring serious eye damages as you age. Some eye problems it can cause can range from cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygia, pinguecula, and photokeratitis.

That’s why it is very important to have children wear a quality pair too, especially if they’re used to playing outside for a long time. The risks of UV is cumulative, that’s why it’s best to start ‘em young. Overcast skies shouldn’t be an excuse to skip wearing one, as UV rays can still penetrate into the cloud’s layers.

3. It helps you keep a steady vision

The term ‘blinding light’ is specifically true in different instances and can be dangerous if not taken seriously. Uncontrolled brightness due to sudden glare may blind you for a short period of time and can cause minor to major injuries. Now imagine how serious will that be if you’re driving, because this glare may also come from other artificial light sources like lamps or LED.
It helps you keep a steady vision
Glare is defined as a negative sensation that is caused by excessive brightness in the visual field. Uncontrolled brightness can be in the form of direct sunlight or reflected light from water, and can also come from artificial light sources like lamps and LEDS. Glare interferes with your vision and can be uncomfortable, as you force your eyes to adjust to a too-bright light in an effort to see clearly.

Some of the best sunglasses brands were made out of this necessity, like the well-known Ray-Ban brand. They were particularly crafted to bring solutions to aviators and pilots who suffer from the sun’s harsh glares when they’re up driving an aircraft.

For glare reduction, wearing polarized sunglasses is highly recommended. These sunglasses are geared with filters that are necessary to control reflected light. It scatters light in different directions, thus reducing the harmful glare.

4. Outdoors will never be the same again

Out for skiing next weekend? Travelling for a vacation in the tropics? Preparing for some family time by the beach? Whatever your outdoor activity may be, there’s a sure type of sunglasses perfect for them. Some were even made incredibly stylish and can add on to that picture-perfect look– sounds like money well-spent for you!

It’s always true that prevention is better than cure. We should be well-informed about the types of protection every part of our body needs. Even the smallest of parts like the eyes is highly important to make the most out of our precious lives. We’ve all got one set of eyes that makes us see the beauty of the world. Might as well protect them with a pair of stylish and useful pair of quality sunglasses.