24 Hours in Austin, Texas and Tips for Fist Timers.

It is a well known fact that the state capital of Texas is Austin. It is indeed an amazing place to explore during vacation and leisure time. One of the best place to live in the United State of America remains Austin, Texas based on many factors ranging from job opportunities and a good standard of living among others. It is an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and economic growth, and it is often regarded as one of the first class cities to visit in the country. The uniqueness in terms of technological innovation and entrepreneurship remains at a forefront. It is the central home of student with respect to the level of it all round development. Here are the tips needed for first timers who are planning a trip to Austin, Texas particularly the first 24 hrs.

Firstly, the first thing you will come in contact with is the Austin Bergstom international airport which is where you can see tourist well detailed information, Atms, currency exchange, good working WiFi for internet connection or service and phone booths. Thereafter, you can take a taxi, bus super shuttle to your destination with a token. One of the best places to stay in Austin, Texas is downtown with access yo many things you can think of. Weather condition could be hot in the summer which is the stipulated time for blues on the Green concert series which unifies the whole city for an elaborate picnic. You can enjoy an outdoor longhorn for a quality foods and drinks such as wild west shrimp Tacos, spicy chicken bites, crispy jalapeno shooters, orange juice, Finlandia vodka, lime juice and many more. La Mexicana is another restaurant with 24 he’s operation. Also, tacos breakfast should not be missed in Austin, other restaurants include Elizabeth, St.Cafe, Jack Allen’s kitchen, Eddie V’ Prime seafood and la barbecue among others.
It is a good start to a beautiful day after your breakfast.

Furthermore, Hamilton pool is public swimming pool though weekend is most preferable. The baton spring pool is another natural spring pool with 68-70 degree of temperature with a fixed price though free for children in most cases. The best window shopping in Austin remains the south congress avenue with eateries, galleries, music centers, boutiques. Thief bookstore is loaded with many interesting books in different fields of study or discipline. The south congress avenue also has an hotel of a first class standard for customers, lodgers or visitors. Within your first 24hrs, you can visit a distillery winery with mixed music and dancing performance in the evening for your relaxation. Austin has many music avenue, you can catch a live show to have a memorable night such as the continental club, hotel Vegas in east Austin, white house and others.

Within your 24 hrs in Austin as a first timer, visit the capitol in order to have a deep knowledge about Texas amazing historical backgrounds. It is aged long state office building in the country. The bat watching and sunset tour is an amazing event to witness in Austin in the evening. Within your first day in Austin, you can explore lake Travis, hippie hollow park, Hamilton pool preserve, and other interesting side attraction. If you want to enjoy yourself socially in the evening, party on the 6th street is full of a worthwhile experience with life mind blowing music. It is one of the renowned street in the city of Austin to have an exciting day with local favorites such as Maggie Mae’s and midnight cowboy. Interestingly, Kerbey lane cafe is a classic eatery savored with delicious meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take after dinner drinks at the Roosevelt room for a perfect drink. Also, cocktail at Nickel city is a good experience to close the day with highly experienced chefs, servers, bartenders, among others giving you a nice treat.
Austin, Texas
There are many nightclub to have the rest of your day fun filled such as the rose room terrace 59, barbarella warehouse district, tellers, greenlight social, clear port, summit rooftop lounge, Volstead, graham central station (a megal club) and many more to enjoy the rest of your day in the 24hrs of the day in Austin, Texas. So, schedule your times as a first timer, there are lot to enjoy on your first experience.

Finally submit ESTA prior to your trip, it is safe go advice you to apply as soon as you begin your traveling preparation before purchasing an online ticket for your flight. Note however that you can must have the possession of an e-passport which is paramount for visa waiver program. ESTA validity requires the following criteria:

  • An authentic passport from VWP country.
  • Current employment details or information.
  • Current information
  • You must be a citizen or qualified nationality of a visa waiver program country in this regard.
  • Posses a valid credit card (it could be America express or a master card as the case maybe)
  • Traveling for 90 days and not beyond it.
  • Traveling to the US for tourism, vacation or business trip.

With all these aforementioned criteria, your ESTA validity is guaranteed to travel.