Cost of FUE Hair Transplants Around USA

With the words hair transplant, most people think of a procedure reserved for the super-rich. Though it is not as cheap, it can be affordable to most people depending on several factors. Some factors may affect the pricing of this procedure, including the procedure type, skills and experience of the surgeon, the geographical area, and the amount of work to be done, among others. After speaking with a Beverly Hills Hair Transplant doctor, Parsa Mohebi, we have enough information to provide a solid amount of information to our readers. 

What You Must Know About Hair Transplants

Plenty of products will have their promoters claiming that they can help with any hair problem, including receding hairline, baldness, or thinning. However, the truth is that only a hair transplant procedure can be so efficient. As long as you have a reliable hair transplant specialist to carry out the procedure, the results should not worry you. You can be sure to get the right results with minimal to zero effects on you.

While other over-the-counter hair restoration products may be cheap options, they are not as promising as transplants. The latter may be a bit costly, but in the end, the patient gets the best results. In the shortest time possible, they are also able to grow hair on the affected or recipient areas while the donor area continues growing hair even after the harvest.


Factors that May Influence a Hair Transplant Procedure

Before you decide to visit a surgeon for a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), you may want to consider all the crucial factors that may affect the overall pricing. These include some of the things that may make the price reduce or go higher. The essential factors to consider may include the following:

Are you the Right Candidate?

Not everyone is the right candidate for a hair transplant. For starters, people in their early 20’s may not be suitable candidates since their hairline is still forming. On the same note, those in their late 20’s maybe good candidates since their hairline is settled. By then, it is also easier to know whether their hair loss has stabilized.

Success Rate

Also, you need to know that not every individual will have a successful hair plantation. Some individuals may have active follicles and healthy hair-rich donor areas, while others may not. In this case, you should be ready for any kind of results.

Hair Transplant is Permanent

As long as your surgeon did their work well and you had the right aftercare precautions, your transplanted hair will be with you permanently. The same happens with grafting plants, it will be with your hair as it starts to grow within no time.


Your budget can affect the kind of service that you get. Therefore, you must prepare your wallet beforehand. Gather more information and do the right homework before deciding to have the procedure.

Aftercare Precautions

What you do after the surgery is of the essence. As long as you follow the surgeon’s precautionary advice, you should not have problems during the recovery period.

Factors Affecting the Cost of FUE Hair Transplants

The costs of FUE hair transplants around the USA may vary depending on a variety of factors. Some of the common things to consider in that regard include the following:


The cost of living in your location is a crucial factor. Also, the number of surgeons in that location may play an important role too. This is because they will charge you according to the location’s cost of living and other factors that may affect their practice locally.

Type of Procedure

In this case, you are talking of Follicular Unit Extraction. Its pricing may be slightly different from the FUT procedure, with the charges going to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars.


Amount of Hair to be Transplanted

The number of hair strands to be planted is another factor that may affect the fee. If you want a few patches, it will definitely be cheaper, but the price will go up if the amounts keep rising.

The Skills and Experience of the Surgeon

The skills and experience of the specialist handling your procedure is a common correlation. The stronger their skills and the more their years of experience, the higher the probability that they will charge you more.

Travel Costs Considerations

Depending on where you are, you may want to travel to your surgeon’s clinic. Whether it is between states or within the same state, the costs you incur as travel and accommodation logistics will have to be factored in.


Clearly, the overall charges of a hair transplant can depend on so many factors. Ideally, though, there is a common extent to which most of the procedures cost in the US. Therefore, you may expect to pay anything from $1,000 for the cheapest session (with the lowest amount of hair to be transferred) up to around $15,000 for advanced and detailed transplants.