The Best Features of a V Part Wig That You’ll Love

With wigs becoming a fashion trend again, their demand has also skyrocketed. And with the advancing technology, more and more changes are being made to make wigs more comfortable, convenient, and realistic than before. As a result, there are many new and different types of wigs available for wearers to choose. And among them, the most popular ones are v-part and u-part wigs. They are more comfortable than lace and monofilament wigs and easier to use. And between these two, the more prevalent ones are v-part wigs no leave out. Compared to u-part wigs, v-part gives you a more natural appearance as they blend with your hair better. And isn’t that what all wig wearers look for in their wigs? But that’s not all! V-part wigs have many amazing features that make them popular among wig wearers. Let us take a look at these features of v-part wigs. 

Comfortable to Wear and Breathable

Compared to other wig types, v-part wigs are much more comfortable to wear. They have no leave-out and are quite easy to install and remove. This gives your original hair more room and your scalp some break. You can use v part with no leave out or little leave out as per your preference. And these wigs come with clips to attach to your hair so that it stays in place making it more comfortable to wear. 

No Lace or Cornrows

Lace wigs have lace in the front to cover up any leave out. These front parts are used to cover up your natural hair and make your wig look realistic. But sometimes these wigs make it quite obvious that the hair isn’t real. In contrast, v-part wigs have no lace leave out at all. They can be easily attached to your natural hair and look just as real too.  

No Leave out or Sew in

As we pointed out before, v-part wigs have no leave out. Neither do they require any sew in for fitting. The best part is that there is really no need for any glue to install the wig. These wigs come with a small opening in the front and some clips to attach it to the hair. You can place the v opening of the wig wherever you want, whether it’s a middle parting or side parting. Simply leave some hair on the parting and then attach the wig with clips to the hair. Then arrange your left out hair over the wig to give it a more natural look.  

Blends Well with Natural Hairline

V-part wigs let you let your own scalp show to give it a real look. You can wear your wig with no leave out or let some strands show if you prefer. The v shape opening gives your hairline a more natural look. They don’t require any lace or stocking cap so you need not worry about hiding your hairline. In fact, with their simple clip installation, you can attach the wig wherever you want, whether it’s a middle parting or side parting. Simply cover the wig with your and you won’t be able to tell the difference at all!

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