How to Choose a Wig that is Right for You

There was a time when the knowledge of someone wearing a wig immediately prompted the question of hair issues. Wigs were used either to hide hair problems or to accentuate a costume. They weren’t considered necessary or useful. But those days are long gone! Now, wigs are not just a hair accessory, they are a fashion statement. Famous celebrities flaunt their wigs not just on red carpets but also in their everyday lives. So, if you’re also wondering about trying a wig, this is perhaps the perfect time! But for a beginner, the world of wigs can be confusing. As a novice, you wouldn’t know much about wig caps or hair types and other details regarding wigs. But there’s no need to get worked up over your lack of wig knowledge. Here’s a list of the factors you need to consider when buying a wig for your hair.

Face Shape and Hair Style

When you’re buying a wig, it is very important to consider how it will look on you. You can’t buy a wig simply because you like the color or the style. You need to check if the wig you chose would actually suit your face and features or not. The shape of your face plays an important role in deciding which hairstyle will look good on you. For example, straight hair wigs look great on square faces but for oblong face shapes, curly wigs or deep waves wig works best. So, when you’re going wig shopping, make sure you know which hair styles will suit you and look for the same.

Wig 3

Synthetic or Original Hair

Another important consideration when buying wigs is deciding the type of hair you want. Synthetic hair may not look as natural as real hair wigs. But it can have other benefits like easy maintenance, affordable prices, etc. Similarly, original human hair wigs may look exactly like real hair, but they are just as hard to maintain and care for. Plus, the price of real hair is unsurprisingly much higher than synthetic hair. Choosing the type of hair you want depends on your needs, your ability to maintain the wig, as well as your budget.

Color and Texture

If you’re not facing hair issues, the most common reason for wanting to wear a wig is to try a different hair color or style. If you’re a natural blonde, you might be attracted to darker hair and want to try brunette or black wigs. Similarly, you might want wigs to try different textures for your hair. For example, people with straight hair might want to try curly or wavy hair for fun. But trying these styles on original hair involves using heat products or other styling products which can damage the hair. And wearing a wig of the desired style is a much safer, non-committal, and quicker way. Hence, you should try to decide what color or texture you want for your wigs before you start shopping.

Size and Quality

Another deciding factor for wigs is the quality and size you need for the wigs. For this you first need to measure your head to determine the cap size of your wig. Other than that you also need to check what wig cap construction will work best for you. Wig cap construction is all about the different methods of attaching the wig hair to the cap. The different methods of cap construction include full hand knotted, lace front, monofilament and double mono filament or open cap. The price of the wig may differ according to its construction.


Price and Availability

Another thing to consider is of course the price of the wig. Human hair wigs are obviously more costly than synthetic hair. Similarly, good quality wigs like monofilament wigs are costlier than other wigs. So, when you choose a wig, you should also look at your budget and what you’re ready to pay. However, many wig stores now offer various discounts and offers to make wigs easily affordable for everyone. From huge discounts to afterpay wigs offers, there’s a lot you can choose from. So, explore the market and view all offers before you make a purchase.