Explore Sicily: One of the Best Destinations for Your Holiday

Want to discover which are the main beaches in southern Italy?

When it comes to traveling abroad, one of the first destinations chosen by tourists from all over the world is Italy. Being one of the primary holiday destinations for tourists is because the country is home to several incredible tourist journeys, significant attractions for the history of Italy and the world, and, of course, beaches rarely found anywhere else on the planet. Here you can rent Sicily Villas with a pool near the beach with a surreal appearance, that won’t even cost as much. If you plan your next holiday in Italy, take into consideration the South of it (especially if it is not your first time in Italy). We will tell you where to go and in which area to rent you Villa, follow our article and understand all about it.

The Rabbit Beach in Sicily, Yes You Read It Correctly, Rabbit!

The Rabbit Beach in Sicily, Yes You Read It Correctly, Rabbit!
The first tip of the best beaches in southern Italy is to visit Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit-Beach in English), located on Lampedusa Island, on the south coast of Sicily. Hectic, for the most part of the year, it is considered by natives and tourists, as one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in the world. Isola dei Conigli is one of the areas in the Mediterranean area where turtles lay their eggs, so don’t be surprised if you are walking there and meet some of them on the way. The great thing about Rabbit-Beach is that it is a real paradise of natural beauty, so whether you’re going on a trip with family or friends to go to it is to guarantee a special day and a lot of fun.

San Vito Lo Capo: the Historic Beauty Among Italian Beaches

Our next suggestion is San Vito lo Capo beach. Located, as the name implies, in the city of San Vito lo Capo, in Italy, it is the ideal alternative for those who are traveling as a family and are looking for something more relaxing and comfortable. The cool thing about this beach is that besides having a sea in an entirely dazzling blue, it also houses an extension of sand favorable to having a calm and special day with your children. An important tip is that you look for some Villas there in the surroundings, or, then, take advantage of having a meal in one of the leading restaurants of the shore, since besides being very attractive they reserve the best of the Italian cuisine. San Vito lo Capo is part of the epic beaches in Sicily. Enjoy it!

Sferracavallo: that Hypnotic Blue

Another option for beach lovers who want to explore every little place in the South of the country is the beach of Sferracavallo, located in Palermo. Characterized by its many shades of blue that hypnotize anyone who comes to it for the first time, Sferracavallo is a real paradise of natural beauty. The coolest thing about it is that during your trip there, you can see several reefs of different races, giving a charm to the most beautiful maritime extension of the place. It is very worth the visit, especially for the chance to be able to photograph one of the areas with the most incredible landscape in the world.

Amalfi Beach and Amalfi Coast: the Grand Balcony of Italy

Amalfi Beach and Amalfi Coast the Grand Balcony of Italy
Let’s move further north. A beach that you can never stay off your list of beaches to visit in southern Italy is Amalfi Beach. Super quiet with a favorable climate, it is the perfect combination of charm and sophistication in one place. Amalfi beach is not very big in its extension, so in about 20 minutes, it is possible to go from one point to another. It’s worth getting to know it because of the beauty of the place and, of course, the involving atmosphere it presents. Don’t miss the chance, yet, to discover the surroundings of Amalfi, with super charming little cities to visit, making the coast look like a giant “balcony” from where you can stand and stare to an amazing and romantic sunset and why not, an aperitivo. We suggest this as a romantic holiday, and to rent a Villa overlooking the blue sea of the Mediterranean sea.

Now that you’ve seen everything about the beaches in southern Italy, an important tip is that some sights, cool cities, and wineries are a little far away, and a great option to better enjoy your trip around Italy is to rent a car. Rent a Villa to stay and then visit the surroundings. The roads are beautiful, you know several cities of the interior and villages, and can make incredible routes by car as Rome, Amalfi Coast, Siena, Lucca and explore well Italy.