Top Things to Do to Make the Most Out of Your St. Joseph, Michigan Visit

For a long time, St. Joseph has been a long-held secret of Michigan. However, most native Chicagoans know about this charming little city that has been described as the “Riviera of the Midwest.”

In fact, they drive for two hours just to hit the beaches and soak in the majesty of Lake Michigan. During summers, St Joseph MI vacation rentals are fully booked as visitors from all over the country all converge in this tourist area of a little more than 12 square miles.

Festivals to Watch Out For

Festivals to Watch Out For
Sadly, the Venetian Festival was discontinued in St. Joseph in 2011 after more than three decades of celebration. However, there are still some noteworthy festivities that draw in crowds.

Red-mark your calendar for the following events.

  • Oktoberfest
  • Latin Taste and Rhythms Fest in May
  • Labor Day weekend Tri-State Regatta
  • Blossomtime Festival from April to May
  • Naschair challenge typically held in June

As the name suggests, Naschair is a race using chairs instead of the Nascar cars. Participants get so enthusiastic as they are garbed in colorful gears, complete with sponsorships of local brands and companies. They even have their respective pit crew.

Of course, people are only looking for an excuse to visit St. Joseph, so it doesn’t take much for city officials to come up with ways to boost tourism.

Around these days, you can expect the St Joseph MI vacation rentals to be brimming to full capacity.

Things to Do in St. Joseph, MI

Things to Do in St. Joseph, MI
Tourists visit St. Joseph for water activities from all around the world.
Some of the most breathtaking beaches here include the following.

  • Silver Beach- This is actually a part of the downtown park complex, which includes a beach, carousel, splash park, amusement park, and a museum.
  • Lion’s Park Beach- Compared to Silver Beach, this one has a more laid-back vibe. You can drink your cocktails while watching the sun kiss the ocean across the horizon.
  • Tiscornia Park Beach- This is a perfect getaway if you like to take Instagrammable photos. There are plenty of scenic locations to choose from, including the historic lighthouse.

1. St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse

Located at Tiscornia Park, the construction of the first lighthouse can be traced back to 1832. There are two lighthouses that you can visit through guided tours. Make sure to hold on tight to your kids because some of the walkways leading to the lighthouses do not have any railings.

2. Shopping

Downtown St. Joseph managed to retain a quaint character with plenty of retail shops and mom-and-pop stores. Don’t forget to visit the Blue Moon Vintage Market, which gathers several retail vendors together in a 6,000-square-foot of space. Now you don’t have to wait for the Blue Moon before finding vintage treasures.

3. Makers Trail

The Makers Trail is an amazing journey as you follow a pre-designed path that will lead you to different manufacturers of wines, brews, and spirits. Of course, you can also pair the drinks with cheese, meat, and even chocolates to make the experience even more unique.

While St. Joseph, MI is a tourist city, it doesn’t feel cramped. But it’s best to book your rooms early, especially when you are visiting the area during the peak season.