8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence When Suffering From Hair Loss

Since time memorial, hair has always been associated with social status and often perceived as a sign of wealth. In our world today, men and women in the justice department wear adorned wigs as a sign of expertise in law. Losing hair can have devastating and equally detrimental effects on you and your confidence. The worst part of hair loss is the social stigma that people get to experience. In extreme cases, persons who experience social stigma have gone to points of being suicidal. With or without social stigma, hair loss takes a huge toll on your confidence. In our article today, we will discuss some ways by which you can boost your self-confidence in the event hair loss kicks in.

  1. Acceptance
  2. Growing a beard\mustache
  3. Dressing Nicer
  4. Shaving your Head
  5. Covering up
  6. Exercising to improve your physique
  7. Joining a support group
  8. Facing your fears

Having outlined some of the 8 ways of boosting your self-confidence in the event of hair loss, let us expound on each and every point.


When faced with challenges in life, the very first step that we ought to take is accepting the kind of situation we are in. Acceptance means that we are ready to look for lasting solutions for treating hair loss. One such solution is the Stem Cell & PRP Therapy. At Stem Cells LA, treating hair loss is their area of specialty. If you happen to have hair loss complications, you can always pay them a visit. As a man or a woman who is experiencing hair loss, accepting that very fact will boost your confidence immensely. With acceptance, you are stigma-proof. Hair could have been your forte, but there are probably other good things about you. When you accept the fact that you’re losing hair, it is best for you to focus your energy and time on the good attributes about yourself.

2.Growing a beard\mustache

.Growing a beardmustache
For a balding man, a beard will always help accentuate their looks and will become their new point of focus. You can opt for a full beard or a goatee but it all narrows to preference and the shape of your face. Choose one that complements the shape of your face. A moustache can also work for you. Make it as vivid as possible.

3.Dressing Nicer

The dressing is one thing but dressing nicer is another. A smartly dressed person in most instances tends to be very attractive. With hair loss kicking in, dressing nicer could shift people’s attention from the hair loss you’re experiencing. All you need to do is put in some little effort when it comes to dressing up. If you used to put on some loose clothes, changing your wardrobe with some nicely fitting clothes will be a plus for. It will go a long to boosting your self-confidence especially when the compliments start trickling in.

4.Shaving your Head

Shaving your Head
A large percentage of persons experiencing hair loss will opt to shave the heads completely. Well, there is no harm in that at all. In fact, bald men are perceived to be more appealing and very attractive. With this societal perception, shaving your head and going bald can boost your confidence a great deal. However, before you result to shaving your head, think of how you’d look without a single hair on your head. If going bald would make you look funny and the laugh of the town, you can always look for other solutions for treating hair loss as it is not a permanent condition. For shaving here are best and worth deals to steal at trimbeast.

5.Covering up

Whenever we think of hair loss, one gender certainly comes to mind; men. Mistakenly, hair loss has for a long time been associated with men. This misguided perception has led to women being more stigmatized in the event of hair loss. Women too also suffer from hair loss and it’s even worse for a woman’s beauty is her hair. According to The American Hair Loss Association, hair loss in women is said to be a life-altering condition that ought not to be ignored. Accepting that you’re experiencing hair loss is no easy feat. As you keep looking for lasting solutions to your hair loss, you can cover up the by using wigs or hair extensions.

6.Exercising to improve your physique

Exercising to improve your physique
The very first thing that we notice in a person regardless of gender is their physical appearance. For women, it might be their flowing curves while for men it may be how well-built they may be. For anyone suffering from hair loss and their bodies may not be exactly appealing, working towards having a beautiful body will be a big plus. A well-toned body will boost any woman’s confidence greatly. Conventionally, well-built men attract lots of attention and complement. Hair loss ought not to be the end of you as much as it might result in low self-esteem. Exercise to better your physique which will, in turn, boost your confidence.

7.Joining a support group

joining a support group
Support groups are for persons facing diverse challenges in life. They are fashioned for supporting one another during challenging and low moments in our lives. There are lots and lots of support groups in the world today ranging from chronic illnesses support groups and even hair loss support groups. Support groups see to it that you don’t get to face the challenges in life alone. Support groups lessen the burden. I happen to suffer from hair loss and the reception from host society is not as welcoming, joining a support group will make things easier for you. Here, you get to meet other persons facing the same challenges as you are. Together, you encourage each other, share and laugh about your problems as a problem shared is a problem half-solved. With support groups, your confidence is boosted a great deal.

8.Facing your fears

There is no better thing than getting to face your fears and being your own cheerleader. Being your biggest fan will not only show others that nothing can bog you down but it also boosts your morale and confidence. Confidence especially. Going out more to meet friends and family will see to it that there are increased levels of confidence. Living in hibernation will do you more harm than good. It’s during these moments when negative thoughts kick in; suicidal thoughts.


Both men and women in our societies are at risk of losing their hair especially as they age. More often than not, it is a genetic condition that is treatable. However, as you look into treating hair loss, there are a couple of things that you ought to do to make sure that your confidence is boosted as hair loss can lead to a bad effect on your confidence. Of all hair loss treatments, the stem cells and PRP therapy will never fail you. The above tips on boosting your confidence during hair loss will undoubtedly be of great help to you.